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We're A Farming Family

After four generations, we know how to farm almonds and we do it well. Each generation handed the reins of our family business has learned the lessons of our forefathers and carried them into the future, continuing the progress of the farm with new technology and techniques. With the exception of family, the highest priority in the life of an Alldrin is to care for our land and the trees the special attention they need in order to produce the tastiest high-quality almonds possible.

Some might see sorting rocks and twigs from almonds and removing their shells a tedious chore, but we take great pride in tossing out the bad nuts. It’s just the nature of things around here. When you take the time to be picky, you’ll have more enjoyment with what you get.


Once we’ve sorted out the cream of the crop, we take extra care in making sure our almonds are treated right. Storing them in a precisely regulated climate keeps them as close to fresh as the day they were harvested. We keep the almonds whole as long as possible and process in small batches.

We value your time. When we get your order, you won’t wait long to receive it.

As a member of our community, join in the fun! Show us how you enjoy our almonds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest by using #AlldrinAlmonds . Make sure to follow us as we post some pretty awesome photos of our orchards and other happenings.